“enlightened = freed from ignorance and misinformation, fish = the symbol of the zodiac sign, Pisces, thats associated with creativity, introversion and dreams.” – the meaning of enlightened and fish as it applies to this blog.

About this blog

In this blog, I share insights and realizations that, I hope will go a small way towards helping you achieve your happiness and enhance your understanding of the world. As a reader, you will takeaway practical techiques to solve issues, that you can apply immediately and powerful ways to build on your potential. Much of the material here is the best of wisdom literature down the ages drawn from various cultures and belief systems. Pull up a chair and stay for a while.

About me

Some of the earliest memories I have are of brightly lit airports, the awe when approaching the giant aircraft to board, buckling into the seat and looking out at the wings throbbing with power and waiting to hurtling us into the sky moving from yet another city and heading to a new destination. My father was an aircraft engineer and he used to work on contract for different companies around the world and we went along with him. My mother used to bear the frequent uprooting of the family with a surprising calm and acted as a pillar shaping much of my world view.

I have lived large parts of my life in the asia pacific (Nauru, Singapore, Australia), middle east (Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia) and the U.S.A (Dallas, San Francisco). India is home. Learning, observing and participating in different cultures is an awesome gift and has made me a student of faith and belief systems, which I approach with an open, accepting mind.

I have attended service at the catholic church, recited the namaaz with my classmates, taken up mindfulness meditation and also explored my roots in hinduism. I have explored atheism and I do have a place for Richard Dawkins in my library. Every time, I have been amazed how the wisdom literature of the world offers solutions to many modern issues and is unparalleled in its clear and logical exposition of how man can find happiness.

At this point, I have accumulated, like a magpie, the tips and techniques that have worked for me till now.

Every one of us go through cycles of happiness, triumph, defeat and despair. In this blog, I hope to offer you tips to ride and learn from these cycles with awareness and understand what works and what doesn’t.

Thank you for your patience, join me, its going to be a fun ride!


A big thanks to Leo Babauta of http://zenhabits.net and Mary Jaksch of http://goodlifezen.com/ for the inspiring A-List Blogging Bootcamp

Thanks to¬†Jeffrey Tang of http://beyondfreelancing.com/¬†for the tagline “Ageless Wisdom for Modern Issues”

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