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Have you met a person with a magnetic personality? Someone with whom if you spend 5 minutes, it seems like he is there with you for that time, completely present and making you feel you are the only person in the world and the only person that matters. We walk away from such interactions always energized, always happy and the impression we form of the person who gave us the time and attention is that he has a magnetic personality. The secret, is attention.

What is attention?

Attention is energy. Whenever you give someone or something your undivided attention, you are actually passing along energy and benefiting the person/thing that you are attentive towards. This is powerful. Look into your life, and understand how this works.

If you give a situation or object attention, each moment you direct attention towards it, it becomes a bigger part of your life and more important. The biggest concept you are giving attention to in your life (is it money, friendship, growth, fitness?), that becomes your goal and eventually, your life’s work.

If you give another person your undivided attention, you energize the other person. Compel him to act, respond, feel good, grow closer (or apart) and feel larger. In some cases, like family and our beloved, we do this unconsciously. In the case of our close friends, again, we do this at a subconscious level. By giving your heroes and role models your attention, you are energizing them in direct and indirect ways.

The secret of directing attention

Understand the second powerful idea – if you give attention to the good things and people in your life, they grow larger and this energizes you too. There is no limit to the level you can grow if you are focused on ideas and people who harmonize with your life and your principles. Its a multiplier.

If you give attention to whats going wrong in your life and the naysayers, they grow energized and your energy depletes. If you are someone who thinks worrying is a purposeful use of your time, call me, I have some pressing problems you can take up on my behalf!

No, everyone understands worrying is a waste of time, its not purposeful and a lot of your mental bandwidth is consumed.

Paying attention to the payback

When you notice you are devoting a large part of your attention to some thought/idea, ensure its something that leaves you better for having invested this time and energy. Be selfish with where you direct your attention. What is the payback? – this is the key question. And no complicated math needed, you have enough intuition to figure out whether giving attention to an idea is adding positive energy to your life. Its all about being in control of your attention process and directing it to productive and high growth areas of your life. Do this consciously, you will conserve mental energy and achieve your goals with elegance and style.

Its the one secret that powers the highest levels of achievement and is the one mental skill that the highest achievers have mastered. Its not easy, it requires training the mind, but the rewards are huge. Its the development of a subtle power, your will power.

Make a list of the areas in your life where this principle can help and start applying it today. Will power, that directs attention, is a muscle that grows with use.

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